Meet Rachel

I am an idealist who believes in living a life that is permeated with love, inspiration, and adventure. I believe that a full life is crafted only with intentionality, purpose, and gratitude.


What started as creative expression through photography in 2009, later became a passion and a place for my ambitious and entrepreneurial side.


I’m am in constant pursuit of knowledge and am inspired by the world around us: the nature, the beautiful people and cultures within, art, history, and music.


When I’m not photographing wedding stories in epic landscapes, you can find me at home with my husband and three children. Music on, wine in hand, and cooking delicious food next to my love.


Thai food is my staple, sushi is always a good idea, and I’ll never turn down a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream.


Photo by Sara Corona

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About You

You live a life rooted in love, intentionality, and gratitude.


You have a refined sense of self and confidence that is encompassed with grace.


You are playful and light hearted, and believe in authentic connections with those around you.


You’re planning a wedding that is less about following tradition and is more personalized and a reflection of who you and your fiancé are.


You believe that the location of your wedding should be as epic as this incredible moment of your life.


After all… this is your legacy.