The Legacy Effect


In 2004, my husband and I had the opportunity to serve in Ethiopia for two months. We stayed in the capital Addis Abba and spent time simply loving on the unloved. There are over 150,000 street children living in Ethiopia, abandoned, rejected, thought to be cursed, and just fighting to survive. A few members from our team that initially served on that trip were so overwhelmed to help that they started a foundation called the Forsaken Children. Their goal is to aid those children living on the streets, as well as those who are in danger of becoming street children.

This ministry is dear to my heart and I’m excited to support them both personally and in business. When you book your wedding, I will donate a portion of the profits to the Forsaken Children. Your legacy of love that will forever change your life, will now leave a lasting impact on a child’s own legacy by sending one child to school for one year. Here’s to loving deeply.