From the outside, I’m a destination wedding photographer. This is clear to see. What sets me apart and defines my artistic voice, though, is how I see things and who I am at my core. That’s harder to put into words by looking at photos, so allow me to elaborate. 

I am an eternal optimist. I truly see the good in all things. I navigate life with deep intentionality and introspection. Adventure and spontaneity are always welcomed with open arms. I see the beauty in this world and it continuously overwhelms me with gratitude. I believe in the power of each moment that unfolds in our lives and I choose to lean into the here and now because it’s all we really have. I’m in constant pursuit of inspiration in life and my deepest desire is to inspire others toward their own greatness. 

My typical client is planning a multi-day celebration in an inspiring environment. My couples are playful and carefree and they value art, nature, fashion, and travel and are willing to buck tradition for a wedding that is deeply intentional and personal. 

I’m grateful to have been able to work at so many amazing destinations throughout the country, alongside many of the top wedding planners in the nation. My work has been recognized in national and international publications, but my favorite accolade is that my children think I’m a famous photographer and better yet, the best mom in the world. I couldn’t ask for more.

About Rachel HAvel