Rachel Havel is more than just a destination wedding photographer—she is an artist with a unique voice that extends from her core. With a career spanning over 14 years, Rachel has captured the essence of love and joy in exquisite, high-end events for clients who seek a deeply intentional and personal celebration.

Each photo Rachel crafts stands as a timeless keepsake, a testament to her artistic vision and eternal optimism. Her ability to see the beauty in every moment and express it through her work, imbues every image with a sense of authenticity and grace.

Rachel approaches her work with a sense of adventure and spontaneity, always in pursuit of inspiration. Her mission goes beyond photography—she seeks to inspire her clients and audiences toward their own greatness, reflecting her deep desire to celebrate life's most precious moments.

Choosing Rachel Havel as your wedding photographer means investing in an enduring legacy, crafted with deep intentionality and introspection. Her work transcends photography—it's a personalized experience that crafts a unique narrative through images that echo the fullness and beauty of life.

Having been recognized in national and international publications, Rachel's work has brought her to many amazing destinations and has allowed her to collaborate with top wedding planners and celebrity clientele. Yet, her favorite accolade is the belief from her children that she is not only a famous photographer but also the best mom in the world—a testament to the heart and soul she pours into every aspect of her life.

About Rachel HAvel