I watch. I feel into the moment around me. The subtle gestures. The anticipation of a moment building. I am present. There’s no formula to follow. Only a surrender to what is. The beautiful unfolding of love and celebration. 

In its simplest form, a photograph is a moment transferred onto a single frame. But when that moment is felt and inspires a response, that gives way to something deeper. That single frame is now a moment, an energy that is immortalized. It can be felt again by any viewer who’s willing to come and sense the energy that is present. It can inspire and move the viewer. 

I am a collector of these moments. Weaving them into a tapestry of your story that provides a legacy of imagery that is immersive and timeless. 

I lead with my heart, I photograph with my intuition, I fold myself into your story so that I can capture it with honesty, beauty, and reverence. 

My clients are deeply intentional and live with a carefree and joyful spirit. Inspired by a love for the arts, food, travel, and music, they treat their loved ones to the time of their life. Their wedding isn’t a show where they are the star, their wedding is a way to show their love and generosity to the people that they care for the most. 

I’m based in Southern California and travel throughout the world for weddings. If you are drawn to my work and ethos, I’d be grateful to continue the conversation and explore working together. 

About Rachel HAvel

A little piece of my heart