“Rachel is like a ninja of wedding photography! You don't even see her, yet somehow she captures the most incredible moments on film.”

- Andi, bride

As a visionary, I work to create unforgettable wedding experiences. I take time understand the essence of you two, what inspires you, and in turn capture the spirit of your wedding with imagery that is evocative and timeless.


Playful, confident, adventurous, and a little bit daring. 


my dream clients

By the beauty that is found throughout the world. 


my dream clients

Because love is the foundation of all things.

Live life with their hearts

my dream clients

This is not about tradition, it's a celebration between two unique individuals. Personalization, guest experience, and originality are everything.


my dream clients

A refined sense of style that breaks the mold.


my dream clients

here's how this thing works

01. Let’s Talk

Feeling comfortable with your photographer is one of the most important elements to getting natural photos.

02. Let’s Plan

Every wedding package is customized to your weekend. Whether you're looking for day  of coverage or a full weekend, I am available to accommodate your needs.

03. Lets Travel

Whether you want engagement photos or destination wedding coverage, I travel frequently for photography work.