“Rachel is like a ninja of wedding photography! You don't even see her, yet somehow she captures the most incredible moments on film.”

- Andi, bride

As a visionary, I work to create unforgettable wedding experiences and imagery for my clients. I take time understand the essence of you two, what inspires you, and in turn capture the spirit of your wedding with imagery that is evocative and timeless.


Playful, confident, adventurous, and a little bit daring. 


my dream clients

By the beauty that is found throughout the world. 


my dream clients

Because love is the foundation of all things.

Live life with their hearts

my dream clients

This is not about tradition, it's a celebration between two unique individuals. Personalization, guest experience, and originality are everything.


my dream clients

A refined sense of style that breaks the mold.


my dream clients

Be Present

Get lost in the moments, embrace the people surrounding you, and allow your heart to connect deeply to every aspect of your wedding. 

Rachel and her team are so kind, personable, laid back and professional. She captured every detail and the best moments so beautifully and in a way that felt very in line with our personal style. Even after our wedding, we received many compliments from our guests about Rachel and how awesome she was!

“We could not have asked for a better photographer for our wedding!”

Claire & Will

Our wedding day was truly the happiest day of our lives, and Rachel played such a huge role in that. There aren't enough thank you's in the world to express our gratitude to Rachel for the work she did on our wedding day and for documenting it in a way that looks even more beautiful than we remember. 

“We will cherish these photos for life."

sasha & aneesh

Rachel was so inviting + warm which made it really easy for my husband to get out of his shell! She also was friendly yet commanding with my huge family which eliminated so much "idling time" which got us to the dinner much faster.  Loved her as my wedding photographer + have been recommending her to all my engaged friends!

“Loved her as my wedding photographer."

amy & dave

Rachel is an incredibly talented photographer + there is simply no comparison. She was incredibly helpful throughout the planning process + worked seamlessly with other vendors. She has a way about her that makes you incredibly comfortable + the candid photos she captured of us are some of my favorites and I will treasure them forever.

“There is simply no comparison."

ashley & louis

Rachel is so kind, caring, and thoughtful with an incredibly calming presence! It feels like she's part of your family. From day one, Rachel makes you a priority, and as crazy as the day can get, she will calm you down, make sure you stay focused on what's important and what matters throughout the day, and she makes sure you and your partner capture as many intimate moments together as you can. We couldn't be happier with the story she's told through our photos and the moments she captured for us

“We couldn't be happier!"

jenni & Shawn