Embracing the Significant

Embracing the Significant | An honest conversation on cutting the fluff and impacting others through social media. Photo by Rachel Havel

Let’s get real. Aren’t you tired of scrolling and scrolling through rows of JUST pretty pictures?

The truth is, there are lots and lots of pretty pictures out there. I see them every single time I hop on social media. It gets old. Everything seems to blend together, and it really takes something eye catching to make me stop any more. I’m over it.

It’s like cotton candy. It looks appealing, tastes yummy, but in the end it does nothing more than just wet your palate. It doesn’t even fill you up, and really, you’re left looking for more.

Can we stop all the cotton candy posts and offer more? I mean, if what we are putting out there is being consumed and forgotten immediately, wouldn’t it make you feel like we’re wasting our time?

In a culture that values our time more than ever before, why not put something out that is meaningful?

I know the struggle, friends. I’m right there with you! I’m trying to grow my following and yes, it feels good to get a lot of likes. But for what? What is it for if there’s no lasting impression? I’d rather put out things that actually inspire and create impact. I’d rather build significant connections with like-minded people. I’d rather utilize my time in a way that is beneficial to the world.

So what, if you only get one like. If that one person actually felt impacted by what you said, what a gift! 

Have you ever had a really meaningful conversation with someone where you walked away knowing that you encouraged them and brightened their day? I have, and I always walk away feeling full of joy.

ONE PERSON. That’s it. That’s my new goal. If I can be vulnerable, open, and inspire just one person, then that is enough.

Who wants to join me? Drop a note below and let’s do this!




Oh, and that pretty picture up top. It moves me. This was on a trip to CA last year. We pulled over while driving in the forest to explore. I remember how tall the trees were, how damp the air felt, and how quiet this place was in such a people filled state. There were signs saying that the salmon were spawning, so we had to be quiet. My youngest walked around literally hugging trees because she couldn’t believe how thick they were and she was trying to wrap her arms around them. This picture brings be back to that peaceful time.


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