New York City

New York City skyline by Rachel Havel Brooklyn and SOHO by Rachel HavelCherry Blossoms in New Jersey by Rachel HavelNew York City by Rachel HavelStatue of Liberty by Rachel Havel

I love New York City! I really do.

It is such a beautiful, diverse, and incredible place to experience. I could go on and on about the history, the culture, the amazing food at every turn. Well, every turn except that one hotdog stand that overcharged me for a burnt hotdog, but that’s all in the past now.

I’m a nature person at heart. There’s something that happens deep in my soul when I’m in awe-inspiring places. But New York… it does the same thing to me. I never thought a city could do that. It’s such a rich place to be, and had I been a little more in tune with it’s awesomeness, my husband and I probably would have moved there early on in our marriage. I have no regrets though. We’re so thankful to be right where we are, and abundantly more thankful to be able to visit New York! Cannot wait to come back to the city again!

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