We could not have asked for a better photographer for our wedding!


Rachel and her team are so kind, personable, laid back and professional. They directed our very large families and bridal party with ease and patience which really helped everyone to feel comfortable and just enjoy our day. My husband and I, and our families, are not the best at posing for photos but somehow Rachel made it fun and everyone felt relaxed and happy - and it shows in all of our photos!


We also could not be happier with our photos, they are stunning! She captured every detail and the best moments so beautifully and in a way that felt very in line with our personal style. Rachel also photographed our rehearsal dinner & welcome party, which was her idea because we didn’t want to do formal engagement photos. It was a great way to get some early couple pics before we sat down for dinner (instead of engagement photos), and it helped us and our guests to get to know Rachel before the wedding day.


Even after our wedding, we received many compliments from our guests about Rachel and how awesome she was! I would 100% recommend her for any occasion – she has true talent and we were so lucky to have her as our wedding photographer!


- Claire & Will

Our wedding day was truly the happiest day of our lives, and Rachel played such a huge role in that.


We were so worried and stressed about staying on time, especially since we had two days of weddings to fit into one. Every time we started falling behind, Rachel would make up for it and help us keep the day running smoothly, and in the moments when we started to feel stress, Rachel found a way to keep things light and fun.


There aren't enough thank you's in the world to express our gratitude to Rachel for the work she did on our wedding day and for documenting it in a way that looks even more beautiful than we remember. We will cherish these photos for life.


- Sasha & Aneesh

We absolutely lucked out when Rachel had our wedding date available, and looking back, I'd probably arrange my wedding date around her availability-she is THAT good!


She is so kind, caring, and thoughtful with an incredibly calming presence! It feels like she's part of your family. From day one, Rachel makes you a priority, and as crazy as the day can get, she will calm you down, make sure you stay focused on what's important and what matters throughout the day, and she makes sure you and your partner capture as many intimate moments together as you can.


Not to mention her photos are beyond stunning! My family members have all thought they are the best wedding photos they've ever seen. We couldn't be happier with the story she's told through our photos and the moments she captured for us! !


- Jenni & Shawn

From the moment I first had contact with Rachel, I knew she would be perfect photographer for our Wedding. We had researched her work online and after seeing her Instagram and website pictures, we completely fell in love with her style of photography and ability to capture the beauty in a moment.

There were so many incredible and special moments that she managed to capture so perfectly, and so naturally, which is just what we were looking for.

Rachel photographed our rehearsal dinner and wedding day. We lost count of all the guests who commented on how amazing she was. Rachel was able to direct the group photos without being intrusive or overbearing and throughout the day blended in to the scene perfectly. She used every lighting opportunity she could find to capture a range of photos, and was constantly on the look out to use the scenery and grounds of the venue to the fullest. Rachel’s passion and enthusiasm shone all throughout and absolutely blew us away. I recommend her 100 times over! Thank you Rachel!

-Sarah & Alan

We had the best experience with Rachel. She not only captured incredible portrait and candid images from our ceremony and reception (beautiful light and airy photos that make everyone look good), but she also got the greatest shots from our welcome party and a day spent at the local farmers' market with our family and friends. She also spent time getting to know us as a couple, and the photos reflect that.


Most importantly, Rachel is like a ninja of wedding photography! My biggest pet peeve at weddings, particularly ceremonies, is when the wedding photographer is blocking the view or otherwise distracting from the service. Rachel was exactly the opposite- you don't even see her, yet somehow she captures the most incredible moments on film.


We could not be happier with Rachel's photos and have already recommended to her to several family and friends.


- Andi & Andrew

destination wedding photographer